Hair Cutting and Styling – Austin TX

Do you need a change in your life? Do you regularly read the fashion magazines, admire your favorite celebrity’s hairstyle and think is now the time to make a change? The truth is that most people do not know what else to do with their hair. My job as a stylist is to give you the inspiration and advice you need to try something new and innovative.  When I work with my clients to decide the best approach for sculpting their hair, I always consider their end goals and apply the appropriate hair cutting and styling techniques.   Because as everyone knows, poor communication between a client and stylist can lead to disastrous outcomes.

That’s why I strive to understand my client’s face shape, lifestyle, hair texture and hair condition, among other important factors, before making any recommendations.  When I am trying to decide the best approach and what cutting technique to use, ultimately I listen to my clients. I determine what their ideal style is and I approach with a cutting technique that suits that style.   Some of my specialties include:

-  Women’s Cuts (wet and dry)

-  Men’s Cuts

-  Kid’s Cuts

-  Special occasion styles

-  Shampoo and styling (Curls or Flat Iron)

-  Deep Conditioning treatments

Read more about different techniques I have studied on my Cutting and Styling FAQs page.