Hair Color and Texturizing – Austin TX

Everyone wants to stand out in a crowd.  That’s why we all strive to have the best haircut, hairstyle and hair color we can.   Whether you are lightening your hair or simply adding color there are many things  you have to take into consideration. The two most important are the texture and the density of your hair. These two factors make up how “full” a head of hair appears to be and help me, as your stylist, determine what best coloring and texturing techniques will work best.

Texture refers to the diameter of your hair, while density is a measure of the volume of hair you have. I hear people all the time describe their hair as “thick”. This generally is a factor of the density of the hair and the texture combined. Because anyone can have any range of these two traits of the hair means that there are countless combinations. Your hair can be dense, but very fine in texture. In this case, the hair would still be thick, but if your hair is coarse it won’t require as much hair to give you the same effect of fullness.

One thing to note about hair density is that it can actually be categorized by hair color. Blondes tend to have the most density with around 27-30% more hair per inch than would be found in brown or black shades. Those individuals with red hair tend to have lowest density with an average of 70-72% as much hair as those found in brown and black shades. You should also be aware that the density and texture of the hair will vary on the same scalp from area to area. This is something that requires very close monitoring of the color – especially when the hair is being lightened.

These are only a few of the many things that I think about when A client comes to me wanting to change their color.  I take the upmost care to not only think about what your hair can tolerate but also how to give you the best look possible and still protect your hair.   Below is a list of  the services you can have me perform at my featured salon.

-  Highlights – Partial or Full

-  Low-lighting for color dimension

-  Natural color matching

-  Creative and Fashion Coloring

-  Glazing and Glossing

-  Toning

-  Color Correction

-  Perms

-  Straightening